This week, we’ve been mostly…

Learning how to drive:


This is going really well, mainly because Zara so passionately wants to learn. She isn’t quite 17 yet, so we’re still learning off-road but luckily there are plenty such areas around here in which to practice. I’m just glad to be able to give her the chance to get familiar with driving a car before she goes for her first on-road lesson ( – planned for her 17th birthday! She’s had her provisional licence ready for weeks!) It’s bound to make a big difference.

The baby spent a happy hour sorting nuts on top of the washing machine (as you do..!)


– which obviously addressed whatever stage of brain-development she’s currently at, because she was completely absorbed in the task, which was all self set-up and organised. I had no idea what she was doing, until she started doing it!

Ali has been learning more Russian, courtesy of a home-educating friend who supplied him with a great stack of resources last week, and Tom’s learning resource, unsurprisingly, seems to be mainly coming from his new business at the moment. I’m loving watching this take shape. He’s succeeding, and he can hardly believe his own success. He’s amazed that other people can’t do what he can with computers, when learning it seemed so natural at the time, but that’s the beauty of autonomous learning. It doesn’t feel difficult, and it invariably turns out to be eminently applicable.

Lyddie’s taking a natural break from the workbooks and folders that she loves so much and wants to be read to a lot of the time, which suits me down to the ground, because I love reading to her. We spend at least an hour, morning and evening, doing this and her understanding of quite complex narrative is growing every day, as is her enjoyment of the process of being swept up in a great story. Otherwise, she’s outside experimenting and exploring, or inside experimenting and exploring, or on her computer.



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2 responses to “This week, we’ve been mostly…

  1. Hooray! A new Gill blog. Lovely.

    Everything sounds happy and creative there, as ever.

  2. LOL, thanks Dani. I thought it had been a while since we started a new one! I just wish I could remember how to get rid of those ‘automatically generated’ links..

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