I’ve got to say..

.. I just love Grit’s blog. I’m a bit rubbish at keeping up with blog reading sometimes (Ahem! Most of the time…! 😳 ) but when I do lift my head up and take a look around, Grit’s is one of the first places I go. I often don’t comment, because it would be just to say “ROFL!” (which is closer to the truth than usual, let me tell you) or just “WOW,” which sounds patronising, but absolutely isn’t meant to. Take this, for example:

And when this history hobble is all staggered out and we have found out about the thirteenth century church, medieval fish pond, Elizabethan manor house, haunting of the 17th century soldiers in the local pub and the red telephone box, saved for the nation, the guide turns to the youngest people on this tour, the only children in fact we have seen all morning – Shark, Squirrel and Tiger – and she says Well now, I’m sure for you young ladies the most interesting thing you saw today was the frog at the pond!

And Shark, Tiger and Squirrel all look at her, wide eyed with shock. Shark, with that pursed lip look of offence and outraged indignation you only ever see on the face of your granny, turns to me and whispers, It wasn’t actually. It was the fourteenth century window design of the church tower.

It’s a “wow” moment for me, just reading that. See what I mean? Gotta love Grit.

Aneeway… where are we? Oh, yes, my new home ed blog, since the last one‘s got all political and big-for-its-boots. I can’t spit and splutter indignantly about the review on the same page as I’m telling you about our seed planting (In which Gracie learned what “No, in the middle please!” means, and the even more deperate: “Do you think we could put them this way up…?” in manner of Joyce Grenfell [opens YouTube] and well worth a listen if you’ve never heard her before) or Easter bunny decorating with friends (“Let’s put the yellow sprinkles on the bunnies..? Not in our mouths..?”)

I don’t know, are these things even worth blogging about? Probably not. They’re not as exciting as visits to thirteenth century churches, medieval fish ponds, Elizabethan manor houses, or hauntings of the 17th century soldiers in the local pub (thanks, Grit! 🙄 ) (Only joking 😉 Really, I am!) But with a six-year old and a two year old, such visits would be a waste of time, effort and money just now. So we’re at home, doing the gluing and the sticking and the planting etc., that’s not really worth blogging about.

I think we might be about to get a bit more outward-bound in the near future, though. Some of our close friends (another family of home educators, just a mile down the street – bliss!) are soon to be mobile, and we’ve now (thanks to a generous parent – more bliss) got a car that actually works for more than two miles without needing a breakdown truck, so we’ve been idly, dreamily planning some outings to some of the places I took Tom, Ali and Zara to when they were younger: Magna, Skipton Castle, the National Railway Museum and the Manchester Science Museum.

And how are we going to pay for it all? That’s an education in itself. (Which perhaps belongs over here.) But I’ve learned, in the last 7 weeks since my income for Tom stopped coming from dear gov.uk on his 20th birthday, that we can live without either starving or inviting the bailiffs round on £70 less than before each week!. And now he’s paying his board, (sometimes, whenever he can) of £70 a week – we feel rich! Rich, I tell you!

I was going to buy a new fridge for the first time in 20 years, but a day out at Skipton Castle might just have a higher priority. And the miracle of our old fridge still [sort of] working is educational, right?



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10 responses to “I’ve got to say..

  1. Tech

    Ooh do say when you’re coming t’castle and you can either keep going and come for a brew or we’ll bob down and meet you.

  2. lotusbirther

    wow, another blog! i am amazed at how you manage to make time to fill them all! It is a great idea though to have another space away from SIP and all the politricks.
    I shall look forward to reading more, when I get the chance!

  3. can you get a reconditioned fridge (usually a heck of lot cheeper)? no, won’t be a modern energy effecient, but you not buying a new one (fueling the need for making more etc etc) so it kinda works out to swings and roundabouts…

  4. lotusbirther

    or build a clamp? not so perfect for keeping a tub of butter cool but apparantly great for stocks of homegrown veg, should you find yourself overrun at some point.

  5. Now Tech, that’s an invitation we can’t refuse! I also have two books (or more? No I think only two ATM..? Drat I haven’t reviewed that Icke book yet!) to return to you plus a load of clothes for A if you want them. So that would be an excellent plan 😀

    LB, yes I just wanted to talk about home ed, away from all the politricks as you aptly call them, but amazingly I didn’t have anywhere else to do that!

    Mamacrow, well, there’s this wonderful place near us that sells slightly-less-trendy-than-the-very-latest-thing fridges for nearly-affordable-by-my-standards prices, so I think we’ll be going there. Blimey, it’ll be a cooker next. I’m currently cooking on a 15-year-old version of one of these – for six of us! Hmmm.

    LB, we’re planning a root cellar for the field. Does that count? Overrun with home grown veg! Now there’s a nice fantasy. Growing them is a bit of a challenge up here, to say the least! Should be better though when Ali is living out there, to scare the rabbits off. 😉

  6. we used to do hanging larders at guide camp… you can also do dug larders, but you have to watch out for hedgehogs and foxes. and probably also badgers…

    empressed with your microwave thingy with hobs! that’s pretty cool! and you do cakes in that too?

    we’ve got the best appliances shop in the world here that does reconditioned everything and fixes everything and dosn’t cost the earth – even does free delivery and takes away your old item (presumably to recondition, so it’s all good). it’s one of the things that puts me off moving!

    we survived a very hot summer a few years ago with just a mini fridge (designed for cola cans) from argos. it helped mind you that we lived next door to grandma’s and used a corner of hers!

  7. Ooh, it’s not a microwave! I won’t have one of those in the house, LOL. It’s just a very small, conventional oven. We’ve lived without fridge too, from time to time, just with regular shopping trips and a bucket-and-muslin contraption to keep milk cool. I seem to think we acquired this old one to keep the midwives happy for my last home birth (or the one before that!) I don’t know why they like fridges so much, but they seem to. *Shrug*

    I like the sound of your appliances shop.

  8. Ruth

    I can’t keep up with you 🙂 When did this blog pop up? I look forward to reading it:)

  9. Louise

    Ooh yes and let me know when you are doing the Manchester one – we’d love to see you all 🙂

  10. Er.. it popped up a little while ago, Ruth… (says Gill, airily, as if she’s not a hopeless blog addict at all!)

    Lou, that’s a definite plan 😀 Hey, we can go anywhere now we’re fully and realistically mobile! The truth of this is taking some time to sink in.

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