Scales, pictures, strawberries and hedgehogs

We’ve had this old set of weighing scales for about 20 years now: they’ve taught all of the children about weight:


And about working together to find things out:


Even setting things in size and weight order:


It’s not something they have access to all the time: the scales live on quite a high windowsill in the kitchen, and only come out to play when someone thinks of them. I think they’re more appreciated for that, and used at just the right time, in just the right way.

We’ve been painting as well, as usual:


And eating strawberries:


And playing in the sand:


Tesco’s play sand is the best, we’ve found. It’s the only sort you can actually build castles with.

And we saw this little hedgehog:


– which inspired us to go home and find out more about them.

We’ve done lots of other things besides that, of course, though I didn’t always have the camera so handy at the time.


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