Reading again

Lyddie wants to play some of her favourite computer games – online. This means she needs to be able to interact with the other players, which means she needs to be able to read everything they’re saying to her.

“So help me learn then,” she said.

“I will then,” I replied.

We started pulling books off the shelves to find her exact reading level. Guess what fitted..? Only Peter and Jane!

Peter and Jane

So we spent two days patting the blooming dog, ad nauseum, etc. I was on the point of going and spending yet more money on yet more books (though we really do have enough) when it suddenly occured to me that I’ve got a printer, and a brain, so we ended up with a stack of these:

11 May 2009 002

– which she loves, and which are definitely helping. I’ve been making a few more every day and will carry on until we find more books she can read for herself. Or until she wants me to stop.



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4 responses to “Reading again

  1. Sam

    so obvious and yet so perfect πŸ™‚

  2. What a great idea! I love printing off pictures for R to colour in – it just seems easier with lots of separate sheets than a book sometimes. When he gets to wanting to read we’ll probably pinch your idea. πŸ™‚

  3. I know Peter and Jane are much maligned, but I LOVED them – we had a fair few at home, (including lots of the story books) with the ORGINAL illustrations – Jane is blond in a white dress and yellow cardy – and I taught myself to read with them a good year or so before going to school.

    I inherited them (translation, stole them from my mum’s house as soon as possible) and I’ve read them to all of mine – in fact, Isaac is learning to read on them! Along with Starwars readers and assorted graphic novels, admitedly, but it’s nice to see someone else devouring Pat the Dog!

    Oh, and something my mum and I have done for them when they hit about 4/5 is a small photo album with pictures of them and family members etc, and simple accompanying words – This is me. Here I am jumping. This Daddy and Mummy. etc etc. Works really well – they tend to love ’em.

  4. Ah – great idea to add photos!

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