Driving again

Both Zara and Tom’s driving is going very well. Zara’s had more practice though, so she’s a little more accomplished than Tom. She can do three point turns now, and reversing around corners, uphill starts and backwards uphill starts – on steep hills! And she can drive forwards in the normal way, you know – which is also useful 😉 We’re running out of challenging off-road places for her to drive now, but she’ll be 17 in just over a week and is planning to have her first official driving lesson on that day. So we spent a good half hour yesterday looking at the various driving schools’ websites, trying to work out which one she should book with.

I learned with BSM and they were very good for me (even though that was 21 years ago) but now they charge £25 an hour! We looked at the all-female school, KanKan, which offers 10 lessons for £99 but insists that these are spread out over the whole course:

NOTE: the 10 lesson offer is split 5 at the beginning, 2 for your test day and 3 floating lessons during the course of your learning with your instructor.

and seems quite cagey about the price of the ones in the middle.

So then we got onto Bill Plant, who offers the first lesson free and another four lessons for £56, but who is also not telling us the price of the other lessons.

There doesn’t seem to be any available information online about any of their pass rates, or the answers to questions like:

  • What’s the average number of lessons people have before they pass with you?
  • How much actual driving do you offer, because we don’t want to be paying for very expensive roadside theory lessons?

and so on.

There is a Compare Driving Schools website, but it wants to harvest all of your details before it gives you any information.

I dunno. It’s quite tempting to get a quote from my insurance company and try to do the onroad teaching myself as well, if it’s cheaper. We should make a lot of phone calls, I suppose. I wish people were more up front with their online information!

As for Tom, his driving is coming on but I don’t think he’s sent off for his provisional licence yet: he’s evidently not quite as determined to be independently mobile as his sister is. But I’m pleased that they’re both learning so well and that they seem to have such good control of the car when they’re doing it.



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2 responses to “Driving again

  1. Do you need to be especially insured in order to teach Zara then, Gill? But I would guess that’s bound to be cheaper, isn’t it?

    I remember my Mum and Dad doing all my brother and sisters’ lessons for them – they may have had a couple of paid ones as well I suppose.

    I ended up paying for all my lessons (I did them later and wasn’t living at home) and it was *so* expensive, and that would be more than 10 years ago now.

    The £99 sounds like a good deal, could you do it so Zara *just* has those 10 lessons with them and the rest with you?

  2. Not especially insured Lucy, the expense comes in because of the cost of adding them to my insurance policy as unqualified drivers, but I’m planning to phone today and get a quote. Apart from hearing a few horror stories from other people (£1000 a year..?!) I don’t actually know yet how much it would cost to do that.

    Good idea about the £99 deal, but it would mean putting her on my insurance as well. We just need to make a lot of phone calls and try to work it out. That’s the plan for this morning. 😀

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