Since my last post here, we’ve been..

(amongst other things)

Tracing snowflakes

Making puppet shows



Writing fridge poetry

Welcoming new family members

Practising our handwriting

Ogling the fireplaces in a local stately home

Cycling with skeletons

Doing activity books. 'Pre-school workbooks', they call them. 'Pre-home ed fun books', *I* call them.

And gratefully receiving gifts of books. A whole boxful! Bliss.

We’ve also, this week, been creating maps of our local area – first from memory, then from walking around with a clipboard, then from sloooow driving, and stopping, and reversing, and driving again, then from Google Maps and Street View. Next, we’re comparing the current ones to some we have from 60 years ago, before the M62 was built, to see what’s changed and how. We’re also thinking we’ll do some treasure hunts. An easter egg hunt, with treasure maps!

This all came about because I thought Lyddie’s mind would suit cartography, so I suggested she try to draw a map. She’s always been interested in where she was, and where things were in relation to one another – ever since she could sit up and look around and talk. She has a practical mind which likes to organise things into their proper place and structure.

One of the joys of home education: having the time and the freedom to really get to know one’s own children, work out what they’ll like and – after a bit of trial and error – hit on the right thing and watch them run with it.



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8 responses to “Since my last post here, we’ve been..

  1. ‘fun books’ I like that!

    gosh, you’ve been up to lots of very cool stuff… we LOVE maps too, and do lots of mapy stuff.. orienteering is lots of fun too

  2. Ah yes, we thought of orienteering. I did some as a teenager and really enjoyed it. D’you think a seven year old might be a bit too young for it though? Also, I wouldn’t know where to start planning one. Any pointers?

  3. lotusbirther

    How about geocaching? Great fun too!

  4. What a lovely box of books, Children on the hill one of my faves although also one of the books that made home ed seem extremely daunting.

  5. Yep, we could have a look at that K ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maire, I haven’t read it yet! Will read that one first now. The books were a lovely surprise: some friends who have home educated for decades, now coming to the end of it and clearing some space for other things, I suppose.

  6. I would be fascinated to know more about Lyddie’s mapping if you ever have time for a post on it, Gill. It’s ended up as part of my internal mythology for similar reasons. G and the squirts bought me a silver compass for Mothering Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. That’s a very nice gift for you Lisa ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will work towards a post on Lyddie’s mapping. I think we need to do more of it first before it’s whole post-worthy, but we’ll see.

  8. Can you comment on how you integrate the fun books/ handwriting please Gill? We’re still unschooling but workbooks are generally my decision, every now and again, to appease my conscience ,))

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