Home ed in bed

Plus work. And now blog.

How many boxes have I ticked there?

(Four. Five if you include: feet on hot water bottle 😀 )



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6 responses to “Home ed in bed

  1. Hot water bottles go very well with children and home edding in my opinion! Or is it just feet that get everywhere….lol!

  2. LOL! Hot water bottles for the win. I wouldn’t ever be without mine – even in summer!

  3. Hey Gill, it’s nice to ‘see’ you again.


  4. Hey Khadijah! How are you? Nice to ‘see’ you too, though you’ve pricked what-passes-for-my- conscience 😉 – I’ve got a pile of your books sitting on my shelves! 😯 Want to email a postal address to me and I’ll send them back to you?

  5. Hehe. We’re mostly good. Not blogging much as you may have already gathered….can you email me so I have your correct email address? (or does it show somewhere I can’t see on the response?)
    Twins are 28 months now but still cannot believe how big your ‘baby’ is .))))

  6. Have emailed to the address you’re registered on here with xx

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