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“Doing Egypt.”

It all started with this book

– which attracted Lyddie’s attention in a shop.

This led to:

Gods on our walls..

Pharoah hat (sorry, *headdress*) on our table...

A trip to the (very good) 'Egypt' section of a local museum...

Finding Egypt on the globe..

Small timelines...

Getting out the old, *big* timeline again (we really must make one of our own)...

More books...


More 'Egypt' stuff...

And watching old 'Egypt' films.

Finally I’m told: “We’ve done enough Egypt for now.”

So it’s all gone in a box until it’s needed again:

Next up? China, apparently. I’d better get another box, then.

(Most of the pics above should be clickable. Some lead to other sites which explain our sources.)

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“Hey Mum, five and five is ten…”

“So it is.”

“And three and three is six. And six and five is eleven!”

“Yes! How did you know that?”

(I know she ‘knows’ that – we’ve done various bits of number work – it’s an ongoing thing – but I didn’t think she had those sums fresh in her mind right now and anyway, she seems to come to it from a different, fresh angle every time.)

“From the clock!”

It’s funny, Lyddie’s always been obsessed by clocks even in her first year of life. She could tell the time before she learned anything else to do with numbers or reading. I’ve noticed her using it as a reference for numbers before: in writing them she always used to glance up at a clock to check which way round they went.

Anyway, I then made the cardinal mistake of trying to interfere with encourage this natural learning process, as well-meaning parents are so often wont to do:

“So. What’s four and four then?”

She clammed up. “I don’t know.”

“Well, look at the clock…” I pressed on, in spite of alarm bells loudly ringing.

“No thanks. I’ve had enough of that now.”

Then I left it alone, at last. One day I will learn to just say: “Oh! That’s nice, dear,” like the wisest parents always did.


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Reading again

Lyddie wants to play some of her favourite computer games – online. This means she needs to be able to interact with the other players, which means she needs to be able to read everything they’re saying to her.

“So help me learn then,” she said.

“I will then,” I replied.

We started pulling books off the shelves to find her exact reading level. Guess what fitted..? Only Peter and Jane!

Peter and Jane

So we spent two days patting the blooming dog, ad nauseum, etc. I was on the point of going and spending yet more money on yet more books (though we really do have enough) when it suddenly occured to me that I’ve got a printer, and a brain, so we ended up with a stack of these:

11 May 2009 002

– which she loves, and which are definitely helping. I’ve been making a few more every day and will carry on until we find more books she can read for herself. Or until she wants me to stop.


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Scales, pictures, strawberries and hedgehogs

We’ve had this old set of weighing scales for about 20 years now: they’ve taught all of the children about weight:


And about working together to find things out:


Even setting things in size and weight order:


It’s not something they have access to all the time: the scales live on quite a high windowsill in the kitchen, and only come out to play when someone thinks of them. I think they’re more appreciated for that, and used at just the right time, in just the right way.

We’ve been painting as well, as usual:


And eating strawberries:


And playing in the sand:


Tesco’s play sand is the best, we’ve found. It’s the only sort you can actually build castles with.

And we saw this little hedgehog:


– which inspired us to go home and find out more about them.

We’ve done lots of other things besides that, of course, though I didn’t always have the camera so handy at the time.

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